Metro New Orleans residents say “No” to levees they can’t trust

Metro New Orleans came together today for a Day of Action, united in a single message. We said “No” to flood protection we cannot trust, and “Yes” to the 8/29 Investigation.

Citizens and volunteers gathered at Hot Spots, three busy intersections in each of the three “polders” or basins that flooded due to the failure of the federally built levees designed and built by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Citizens waved signs, handed out leaflets, and called for the 8/29 Investigation, a truly independent and complete investigation of the flood protection failures on August 29, 2005.

The board of Levees.Org is pleased with the turn-out at all three locations. The Hot Spots were in eastern New Orleans, Lakeview New Orleans and Chalmette in St. Bernard Parish.

If you haven’t yet, please click here and demand the 8/29 Investigation!

Thank you,
Sandy Rosenthal
Founder of Levees.Org

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