The Weather Channel: Is New Orleans Safer 5 years later?

Sandy Rosenthal and Harry Shearer at the Industrial Canal breach site July 2008. Photo by Zack Smith

This week, the Weather Channel featured Harry Shearer and Sandy Rosenthal in a Special Edition piece to kick off Hurricane Season in the Gulf.
 The video, filmed 6 weeks ago at the IHNC breach site, highlighted our collective ire toward the agency primarily responsible for the catastrophic flooding during Katrina, the federal Army Corps of Engineers.

Stephanie Abrams invited me to appear live this past Monday for a followup segment. These two invitations from a national network are a sign of the progress has made in fulfilling its mission of education.

Click below to see the 2-minute video:


8 responses to “The Weather Channel: Is New Orleans Safer 5 years later?”

  1. Marc PoKempner says:

    Why is this piece so short and lacking in detail? This is a VERY important issue, especially now in light of the oil spill, which could result in New Orleans being flooded with OIL this season!

  2. S. Rosenthal says:

    Actually, this interview was filmed April 15 and they took 30 minutes of footage from me and 30 of Harry. Nonetheless, I am pleased with the footage that the Weather did select.

  3. Frieda says:

    I hope that the law with regards to the responsibility of the Army Corp of Engineers is changed by 2012.

    This is when I plan on relocating to New Orleans.

    God Willing.

    Frieda/2gether We Build

  4. Herb Sayas says:

    If this is a government of the people, by the people and for the people, certainly the Army Corps of Engineers and the Federal Government must be accountable to the people. If they do good work and it is successful they deserve praise and if not they deserve to be brought to the courts and receive justice.

  5. Stephanie S says:

    I don’t have any confidence in the work of the ACOE. They lied before, they’ll lie again and New Orleans will flood again.

  6. nolageorgie says:

    I live in Gentilly, a part of New Orleans that was badly flooded and hasn’t yet recovered. I don’t feel safe this hurricane season. Why? The canal floodwalls that broke still haven’t been repaired. And one large opening to the lake doesn’t yet have flood gates – The Industrial Canal. If a powerful surge pushes into it, Gentilly, New Orleans East, and possibly the 9th Ward will again be flooded. Thanks, Corps

  7. David Henderson says:

    Keep up the great work, I am in Pensacola now which is higher, but it still a factor, with the oil spill, lets HOPE the majority of the oil is cleaned up before any more Katrina’s or Ivan’s hit our cities!

  8. E.D. Guillot says:

    Please keep the pressure up
    The United States of America needs the
    Netherlands system in Louisiana
    especially now that we see plumes of oil in the
    No protection equals
    no fish
    no crabs
    no shrimp
    no oysters
    no oil industry infrastructure
    no marine industry
    no leisure industry
    no taxes to collect because people will leave
    Just think, if we had it now we could have just closed the

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