The Levee Exhibit Hall now has a Roof

It just rained but visitors were dry under the Levee Exhibit Hall's roof. Photo/Sandy Rosenthal

It just rained but visitors stayed dry under the Levee Exhibit Hall’s roof. Photo/Sandy Rosenthal

There is now another reason to see the museum-quality Levee Exhibit Hall at 5000 Warrington Drive in the Gentilly neighborhood of New Orleans.

There is a roof on the 100 foot long Exhibit Hall to keep you cool in the sun and dry in the rain.

The text and forty photos and graphs tell the story and bust the myths still encircling the 2005 flooding during Katrina.

The six panels are about ALL the levee breaches, ALL the neighborhoods, ALL the lives.

The Levee Exhibit Hall and Rain Garden are located at the east breach site of the London Avenue Canal. Photos in the exhibit show how flood water lifted the home that once stood there, foundation and all, and relocated it in the street. is leasing the lot from the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority (NORA) in an annual renewable lease for $250.00 a year. After two years, there is an option to purchase.

“Through the NORA’s Land Stewardship program we have been proud to develop creative projects for alternative land use,”‎ said Jeff Hebert, Executive Director. “But this is possibly the most important use of land left vacant after Katrina, honoring lives lost, property damaged, and the resilience of people that drives our city’s recovery.”

Much of the information in the exhibit is new and referenced from a scientific paper due out next month in Water Policy, the official journal of the World Water Council.

The exhibit hall and garden is free, open to everyone and expected to be permanent.

The beautiful garden uses native plants which helps manage stormwater onsite and reduce the load on the municipal drainage system.

For more about the Levee Exhibit Hall and Rain Garden, see this story by Katy Reckdahl with the New Orleans Advocate.

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