Historic plaque now back where it belongs

Thirteen months after its unveiling ceremony, the commemorative plaque at the Industrial Canal breach site in the Lower Ninth Ward was involved in a hit-and-run.

The beautiful plaque was the product of a multi-years long partnership between Levees.org and 23 stakeholder leaders from the historic neighborhood.

Fortunately, the $2,000 plaque could be repaired. Levees.org re-installed it last Thursday, one week before Thanksgiving. But this time, the plaque is more sturdy in several ways.

  • The pole now has four 1/2″ steel rebars going 30 inches into the ground.
  • The plaque base was remade larger and thicker.
  • Two attractive bollards now protect the plaque.

The video tells the story about the plaque and the Army Corps of Engineers’ worst disaster on U.S. soil.

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