Levees.org sees continued success with Term Limits bill

A bill championed by Levees.org continues to see success in the legislature.

HB 266 authored by Rep Patrick Connick-R (Marrero) will require term limits for the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority nominating committee.

The group Levees.org has led a successful campaign showing how the levee board reform, in effect, had taken control of who gets to award flood protection contracts out of the Governor’s hands and gave it to a small group with apparent life terms.

The goal of HB266 is to “close the barn door before the horse gets out.” The bill will apply term limits to a small group that selects who controls more than $60 million of taxpayer dollars annually.

Yesterday it was successfully approved and adopted by the Senate Transportation Committee.

But there is a final step. The bill will be voted sometime in the next two weeks on the Senate floor. Please stay tuned to further developments!

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