Levees.org founder announces book deal

The founder of Levees.org has recently signed a book deal with Mango Publishing, based in Miami. 

Sandy Rosenthal’s book––Words Whispered in Water: Why the Levees Broke in Hurricane Katrina––is about how she, and the group she founded, Levees.org, exposed the culprit in the catastrophic flooding in metropolitan New Orleans in 2005. 

Mango is currently one of the fastest growing independent publishers according to Publisher’s Weekly. 

The book is about how Rosenthal became a citizen investigator and––with the help of Levees.org supporters and a team of dedicated experts––unraveled a multi-million dollar cover up that media and an elite engineering trade group took part in. 

For the Associated Press story about the new book, click here.

In her quest for the vetted facts, Rosenthal and the national grassroots group faced one of the most powerful agencies in the Federal government––the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers––and won.

According to Rosenthal’s new website, the book will be out in summer of 2020, on time for the 15th anniversary of the disaster which took 1,577 lives (according to the National Hurricane Center).

For recent press about the book deal, click here.

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