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Fact 1
The flooding of New Orleans and nearby St. Bernard parish during Katrina was primarily a civil engineering disaster, and not simply a weather event. The American Society of Civil Engineers concluded in its expert study that the majority of the flooding is due to the levees failing.

Fact 2
Control of contracts for the design and construction of the hurricane surge protection in metro New Orleans belongs solely to the US Army Corps of Engineers as mandated in the Flood Control of 1965.

Fact 3
The catastrophic failure of the hurricane surge protection on August 29, 2005 is not a reflection of the prior administration. The failure of the federally engineered levees was 40 years in the making. According to the U.S. Eastern District Court, the Army Corps squandered hundreds of millions of dollars on a levee system they knew by their own calculations was inadequate.

Fact 4
More than 98% of the US Army Corps of Engineers are civilian employees.