General Talking Points for Letters of Support is nominating at least six of the major levee breach sites in New Orleans to the National Register of Historic Places starting with the 17th Street Canal and the east side north breach of the Industrial Canal.

The Third Draft can be viewed here:

Below are six suggested talking points for those wishing to send Letters of Support.

1. The writer of the letter should acknowledge the key issue up front. They support the nomination of these two levee breach sites for listing in the National Register of Historic Places.

2. The writer should support this initial acknowledgement with a statement that is tied to their own background.

3. The writer should then say that such a nomination would identify these two sites as the areas of historical events which have had an impact on the city of New Orleans and its people, and how the federal government is now dealing with existing levees throughout the nation.

4. The writer should say that the listing of these two levee breach sites in the National Register are important to the community of New Orleans as sites of historic events because they are important to the people of this community in helping them remember their history.

5. If the writer is familiar with the federal preservation process they can mention the listing of these two levee breach sites will assist federal agencies in the future through the identification of National Register properties for future Section 106 activiities. That is, this listing will save federal agencies, or agencies using federal funds, licenses or permits to complete their environmental review quicker and thereby save public funds.

6. The writer should always tell the person or agency to whom the letter of support is directed that if there is questions regarding this letter they are welcome to contact the writer of the letter. This shows the writer of the letter is not only supporting the nomination, but is willing to state this support verbally.

Please send the letter to, but address the letter to:

Nicole Hobson-Morris
Executive Director
Louisiana State Office of Historic Preservation
1051 North Third Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70802