Chicago museum agrees to correct Hurricane Katrina exhibit

chicago-field-museumAt’s request, a major museum has agreed to make several corrections to its Hurricane Katrina exhibit.

This agreement comes after months of discussion with representatives of the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History.

We began the dialog because we were concerned about some of the exhibit’s so-called “facts.” For example, originally, the exhibit contained these two erroneous sentences:

“New Orleans is almost entirely below sea level and surrounded by water. City officials had known for years that a major hurricane could cause the levees (walls that hold the water back) to fail.”

The museum curators have agreed to change this and other passages, too.

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Montford Point Marine Still Serves

David Ferguson, a Montford Point Marine gives the memorial garden a drink in this archived photo dated Aug 21, 2015. Photo/Renee Carrerre

David Ferguson, a Montford Point Marine, gives the memorial garden a drink in this archived photo dated Aug 21, 2015. Photo/Renee Carrere

In 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1941 executive order established the Fair Employment Practices Commission. This opened the door to “full participation in the defense program by all persons regardless of color, race, creed or national origin.”

The Marine Corps would eventually adhere to Roosevelt’s demands to start enlisting African Americans in June 1942.

Marine Corps put out a call to enlist 900 African American recruits between the ages of 19 and 29. Upon entering the military, “Colored” would be stamped upon their service record book. And the Marine Corps kept them segregated and established a training base at Montford Point in North Carolina.

They would come to be known as the Montford Point Marines.

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Timed for 11th anniversary of Federal Flood, releases compelling video

Even now, there is still one last and very hurtful myth still lurking 11 years after the flooding in New Orleans during Katrina.

Fed up with this stubborn and erroneous piece of conventional wisdom, we have created this 3-minute video.

Timed for the 11th anniversary of the 2005 flooding, this video puts a dagger into a victim-blaming myth – that the pre-Katrina Orleans Levee Board neglected to properly inspect and maintain the levees.

Narrated by H.J. Bosworth, Jr. Thanks to Dan Poulin who kindly loaned his Ferrari. American flag art by Stanford Rosenthal. Filmed and edited by Ralph Madison.

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