HJ Bosworth on WWL TV Channel 4

The S&WB flooding of August 5 is similar to the Army Corps of Engineers’ flooding of August 29. In both cases, we had agencies with centuries of experience that we trusted. After the levees failed, Levees.org made sure the levee investigation was unbiased, thorough and transparent. Twelve years later, we’re doing the same thing regarding the ‘root cause analysis’ of the S&WB. And we congratulate WWL TV for initiating its own investigation.

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Levees.org invited by selection committee to monitor S&WB investigation

Scene from pump station 6 in New Orleans on 10-23-07. Photo/AP Alex Brandon

Ever since the flash-flooding on August 5 when a summer rain drenched homes and business in New Orleanians, it’s been tempting to jump to conclusions and instantly name a culprit.

But the fact is, competent investigations avoid that temptation and approach the challenge objectively. Which is why it’s critical that the investigation into what went wrong and why with the S&WB pumping stations and drainage be unbiased, objective and transparent.

That begins with making certain that the committee which selects the firm that will conduct the S&WB investigation has no stake in the results. The selection committee is composed of:

Councilmember-At-Large Jason Williams, who also chairs the Utility Committee;
Councilmember-At Large Stacy Head, who also chairs the Budget Committee; and,
District C Councilmember Nadine Ramsey, who also chairs the Public Works Committee.

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HJ Bosworth featured on WGNO TV

Levees.org’s civil engineer HJ Bosworth speaks with John Young Oct 8, 2017 on the state of the pumping and drainage in New Orleans.

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