Why do we need whistleblowers?

The New York Times business section ran an article last month about the importance of critics and whistleblowers. Why are they so valuable?

Because there is noticeably less fraud and better behavior company-wide after bad behavior has been exposed.

We may never be able to calculate exactly how much, but Levees.org’s constant and eternal vigilance regarding the Army Corps of Engineers has a pay-off that will almost certainly result in lives saved.

Levees.org wins every time the corps is reminded that the truth about the Federal Flood in New Orleans must be told.

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Army Corps creates a “free speech zone”?

This week, the Army Corps of Engineers created a “free speech zone” for native Americans and their supporters in N. Dakota. They were protesting constructions crews from digging an oil pipeline through sacred burial grounds.

The corps cited “safety concerns” as the reason.

But, this is a pattern with the corps. After the corps’ levees broke in New Orleans, investigative experts requested access to the major levee breach sites but the corps refused.

The corps cited “safety concerns” but was in fact, trying to destroy and/or hide data from the public.

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Historic plaque now back where it belongs

Thirteen months after its unveiling ceremony, the commemorative plaque at the Industrial Canal breach site in the Lower Ninth Ward was involved in a hit-and-run.

The beautiful plaque was the product of a multi-years long partnership between Levees.org and 23 stakeholder leaders from the historic neighborhood.

Fortunately, the $2,000 plaque could be repaired. Levees.org re-installed it last Thursday, one week before Thanksgiving. But this time, the plaque is more sturdy in several ways.

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