HJ Bosworth explains why water pressure so low

Civil engineer HJ Bosworth explains that given the Mississippi River is low the raw water intake was impacted last week which may have exacerbated the water pressure during the extraordinary cold spell.

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Chapter 10 of Founder Rosenthal’s book is complete

Sandy Rosenthal at soon-to-open Flooded House Relic at London Avenue Canal breach site. Photo credit/Cheryl Gerber

Founder Sandy Rosenthal is nearing completion of her book. The 12-chapter non-fiction book is about how and why she founded Levees.org with her son Stanford, and what the group accomplished. The following excerpt is the final paragraphs of Chapter 10.

“…In 2010, while driving a rental car from Mount Holyoke College in western Massachusetts to my family’s home on the eastern side of the state, I listened to NPR. I marvelled over how the news station had a very distinctive ‘voice’ or cadence in telling its stories. And there, on the Mass Pike, I fantasized about how the name Levees.org would sound, spoken in that cadence, coming from the radio in a nationally aired story.

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Update on Levees.org’s plan to convert flooded house into a museum

The proposed Flooded House Relic (in background) with debris on the roof, viewed from atop the London Avenue Canal. Photo/Stephen Nelson

One year ago, the New Orleans City Council unanimously voted to approve Levees.org proposal to convert a badly flooded home at the London Avenue Canal levee breach site into a memorial.

Specifically, the city granted Levees.org a special permit to convert the house at 4918 Warrington Drive – which flooded to its rafters in 2005 – into a cultural facility open for public viewing.

We have an update! We recently submitted our final development plan to the New Orleans City Planning Commission and had a great meeting with the City Safety and Permits personnel. At this time, there are no foreseeable obstacles to implementing the project.

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