August 29, 2018

Today August 29 is a day of mourning in New Orleans. In this photo, Nick Harris, vice president of Dillard University says a prayer for those who did not survive the federal government’s levee building mistakes and for those who did.

Photo/Pat Garin

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Press Roundup for the 13th Anniversary of the worst civil engineering disaster in U.S. history

A front page of “The Times-Picayune” newspaper from Aug. 28, 2005, is shown on a coffee table in a house near New Orleans’ London Avenue Canal, one of the places where levee breached during Hurricane Katrina. Photo/Kevin McGill

Our Flooded House Museum garnered national attention! 

Kevin McGill’s House to become replica of flood-damaged home after Katrina of the Associated Press was featured in the Washington Post, ABC News, Fox News, the Houston Chronicle and even the Daily Mail in the U.K.

There was also some great local coverage in New Orleans for the moving exhibit.

Jarvis DeBerry’s Flooded house museum will help visitors see the scene we can’t forget with the editorial board of the New Orleans’ Times- Picayune.

“When Sandy Rosenthal at announced that her organization would be preserving the house at 4918 Warrington Drive, I knew that I wanted to see it.  The house, in the Filmore Gardens neighborhood, is on the opposite side of Paris Avenue than the home I lost, but it’s in the same general area.” ~Jarvis DeBerry

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Today, unveiled Phase One of its proposed Flooded House Museum in the Filmore Gardens neighborhood of New Orleans.

Until Labor Day, visitors can view the artistic rendering of a typical family room in New Orleans – filled with music and love – the day before the levees broke.

In Phase Two, starting after Labor Day, artists will “distress” the staged exhibit to create a flooded replica effect using theater art and scenic design techniques.

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