Founder Rosenthal on New Orleans levee system getting a grade of ‘minimally acceptable” founder Sandy Rosenthal talks to WWL TV’s David Hammer about her group’s belief that New Orleans levee system’s grade of ”minimally acceptable’ for its levee maintenance should have been made public, been easily accessible and should have provided an explanation for the low rating.

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WWL TV: New Orleans levee system maintained at “minimally acceptable” levels; worse now than leading up to Hurricane Katrina wondered how the post Katrina Levee Authorities were doing in maintaining the levees. So the group filed a request under the Freedom of Information Act to find out.

It turns out all of the local districts under the new Regional Levee Authorities have been getting grades of ‘minimally acceptable’ ever since Katrina.

That’s worse than the fifty years before the levees failed in 2005.

The Army Corps of Engineers is required to make the data publicly available. To our knowledge, the corps did not. So we brought this issue to the attention of David Hammer with WWL TV Channel 4.

Apparently, the only way the citizen-at-large can find out these grades is by going to the corps’ website and navigating the cumbersome system.

Click here for the full story by WWL TV Channel 4.

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MYTH BUSTER: Taking the mystery out of New Orleans Levee Maintenance Inspections

This two-minute video removes the mystery from the New Orleans Levee Inspections prior to Hurricane Katrina.

And places responsibility for the massive levee and floodwall failures where it belongs.

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