Recent media hits

Associated Press – July 2019

Founder Sandy Rosenthal comments on her confidence in the projected models for storm surge and river heights as Hurricane Barry gains strength. Click for full story.

CBS Evening News with Norah O’Donnell – July 2019

With Hurricane Barry looming in Gulf of Mexico, founder Sandy Rosenthal comments on revelation that a 300-yard gap exists in Mississippi River levee at location of Army Corps of Engineers’ headquarters. Click for full story.

WBRZ TV in Baton Rouge, LA – May 2019

On time for the start of hurricane season, WBRZ TV in Baton Rouge features founder Sandy Rosenthal with the Flooded House Museum in New Orleans and also the Ground Zero Museum in Waveland, Mississippi. Click for full story.

The Weather Channel – March 2019

“Artists and volunteers teamed together to memorialize the effects of the devastating storm that hit New Orleans more than a decade ago. The Flooded House Museum, funded by the non-profit group… Click for full story.

Associated Press – March 2019

“…A project of the donor-funded nonprofit group, the Flooded House Museum is unique among the city’s monuments to Katrina’s destruction. There are markers at various sites, including some of the places where floodwalls gave way. But there’s nothing like this re-creation…” Click for full story.

CBS NEWS – August 2018

“They have a cement base that allows for this ‘overtopping,’ but not for an extended period such as 24 hours,” said Sandy Rosenthal, founder of… This [erosion] can result in a direct collapse and release huge amounts of uncontrolled water…” Click for full story.

Science Magazine – Feb 2018

“This place is a memorial to the trauma of the Flood,” reads the text, written by a local nonprofit, Near here, a section of concrete levee gave way one August morning in 2005, sending the floodwaters of Hurricane Katrina crashing into the neighborhood…” Click for full story.

CBS NEWS – August 2016

“People all over the world watched in horror the human toll caused by that levee failure,” said Sandy Rosenthal, founder of the non-profit “For FEMA and the Corps to have missed their deadlines for implementing the directives of Congress to make our nation’s people safer is unacceptable.” Click for full story.


“…after the storm, angered by the mistakes of the Army Corps of Engineers, and frustrated by the missing facts of the story of the breached levees, [Sandy Rosenthal] focused her time on that. She created, which, its mission statement says, is “educating America on the facts associated with the 2005 catastrophic flooding of the New Orleans region.” Click for full story.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL – August 2015

“The fact that the disaster that struck New Orleans is referred to almost universally as Katrina angers more than a few people here, perhaps none more than Sandy Rosenthal… Thanks in no small measure to her efforts, it is almost universally accepted here now that human error played the bigger role in the calamity… Click for full story

NPR – August 2015

“In the years since the storm, language has become important. Scientific studies have largely laid blame for the failed flood walls with the Corps that designed them. Sandy Rosenthal, founder and chief agitator of the grass-roots group,, is writing a forthcoming book…” Click for full story.

REUTERS – August 2015

“Today, the disaster site has become this open-air museum, where founder Sandy Rosenthal braves the sweltering temperatures to tell tourists about what she says was more than just a natural disaster. The survivors deserve for everyone to know the vetted facts about the flooding.” Click for full story.

EURONEWS – August 2015

“… Sandy Rosenthal welcomes tourists at an open air museum. She blames much of the city’s flooding on the pre-2005 inadequate protection system. “People arrive in Louis Armstrong Airport with a desire to understand what happened here, even though it’s been 10 years. And we’re glad that they do…” Click for full story.

THE GUARDIAN – August 2015

Last month the activist group, which describes the floods as the worst civil engineering disaster in US history, opened a permanent exhibition next to the reconstructed wall. … With so many vacant lots it was not hard to find the space to construct it. “Before we built this park it was an illegal dump – debris, mattresses,” said Sandy Rosenthal, the group’s founder and executive director. Click for full story.