Boston Globe reporter gets “seal of approval”

Reporter Julian Benbow of the Boston Globe gets the “seal of approval” for resisting harmful Katrina shorthand, for not saying inaccurately that Katrina flooded New Orleans.

“…The storm hit Monday, the levees broke Tuesday….”

Indeed, saying Katrina flooded New Orleans would be like saying traffic broke the I-35 bridge in Minneapolis. Both Katrina and the traffic exposed structural flaws. Both revealed blatant civil engineering mistakes.

And in New Orleans those mistakes were made by your Army Corps of Engineers.

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  1. Sebastian Jay Griffin says:

    Has anyone looked into USING the materials from blighted properties in the New Orleans metro area to help reduce the cost of flood protection? How many megatons would be available just from foundation slabs? Plus all the brick work from apartment buildings? Point being that cost need to be reduced as much as possible while blighted properties also need to be cleaned up. Surely, somehow working together though various agencies, both goals could help each other?

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