Corps making pay for info we’re entitled to see!

Two of founder Sandy Rosenthal's family members watch the Saints on Jan 24, 2010

The New Orleans Saints just won and is winning!

But the Army Corps of Engineers is trying to block our forward progress and keep us from scoring!

The Corps is telling us we have to pay big bucks for documents we’re entitled to under federal law!

We requested documents from the Corps’ Public Affairs Office after we discovered they’re paying a PR company called OPP almost $5 million of our tax payer money to improve the Corps’ image after its levees failed in August 2005. wanted to know more about this PR Campaign by OPP, so we filed a request under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) last June.

The Corps partly fulfilled our request but now say we can’t see another page unless we pay!  We applied for a waiver – since is requesting information for the public good – but we were DENIED.

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We need to raise at least $1000.

Want to see a little of what we have so far? Click the link below to see how the folks over at the Corps’ Public Affairs Office talk about when we alert the public of possible wrong doing. Note: this is a hard copy of email thread, provided as is by the Corps, so please read from the bottom up.

3 responses to “Corps making pay for info we’re entitled to see!”

  1. Roy Arrigo says:

    Those Corps of Engineers emails made for some interesting reading. I got a kick out of it when one of them made fun of the comment “We are Winning”…The corps person states “I didn’t know it was a competition” Folks, it is in fact a competition. It’s a competition between the Corp’s lies, spin, dis-information in the form of their ‘PR’ work and their dysfunctionality versus the truth. And YES, thanks to, Judge Duvall and many others who are fighting for the truth…the truth is winning!

  2. You got dat’right Roy! Ha!
    Another fav of mine is the one where they say, “I’m winning”!
    The Corps already has a Public Affairs Dept, soooo why do they need for We The Tax Payers to pay all this extra cash to another Public Relations Dept?
    And now they want to We The Tax Payers to Pay More Again and Again just to see our own records of this work we have already paid Optimal Process Partners???
    Excuse me????
    We Own This Work by OPP. We Own It.
    Why should we have to pay the Corps of Engineers AGAIN here?
    Isn’t like Double Taxation or something?

  3. Angela Bassett says:

    Get a grip, people. It’s perfectly legal AND reasonable to ask that a FOIA requester pay for the expense of producing the documents. You think that making a bunch of copies is not a waste of taxpayer money? I’m a fan of the FOIA, but I’m also a realist. You want it, you pay for it. Don’t waste MY tax money on your crusade.

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