Levees.org Retains Expert for Historic Listing of Breach Sites

Press Conference in Lower Ninth Ward where Levees.org announced nomination of Breach Sites, Aug 4, 2010. Photo/Stanford Rosenthal

We had some updates to report regarding our nomination of two levee breach sites to the prestigious National Register of Historic Places. We offered the Associated Press an exclusive to the story, and the news outlet accepted. Here is the article by Kevin McGill posted a few hours ago.


The most important update was our retainment of a federal expert, Dr. Mark Barnes with 35 years of experience with the National Park Service. We hope to make our case before a federal review committee on April 7, 2011 in Leesville, LA. If approved, the nominations would then be listed on a Federal Register and there would be a 45 day comment period.

Soon we shall be commemorating a historic event of national significance that people all over the world saw on TV.

One response to “Levees.org Retains Expert for Historic Listing of Breach Sites”

  1. LeveesOrg says:

    This comment from Ashton O’Dwyer is uploaded with his permission. “Sandy: When you’re “through” with “The National Register of Historic Places”, why don’t you focus on the the conflict of interests that the “judge” (what a “joke”) presiding over “the Broussard Flood” litigation has, and has had for 5 years, by virtue of his son’s and his son’s law firm’s representation of the Parish of Jefferson since the 1990’s, to the tune of hundreds of thousands, if not millions. Once again, you and “levees.org” is MISSING IN ACTION. And I STILL haven’t heard a “peep” out of you about “Duval-Daley-Fayard” and his cronies. Keep up the good work! BARF. Ashton O’Dwyer.”

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