Chicago museum agrees to correct Hurricane Katrina exhibit

chicago-field-museumAt’s request, a major museum has agreed to make several corrections to its Hurricane Katrina exhibit.

This agreement comes after months of discussion with representatives of the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History.

We began the dialog because we were concerned about some of the exhibit’s so-called “facts.” For example, originally, the exhibit contained these two erroneous sentences:

“New Orleans is almost entirely below sea level and surrounded by water. City officials had known for years that a major hurricane could cause the levees (walls that hold the water back) to fail.”

The museum curators have agreed to change this and other passages, too.

Many thanks to Fix the Pumps blogger and ally Matt McBride who first brought this language to our attention. And many thanks to the museum curators for their deep appreciation for placing the vetted facts before the American people.

The museum’s web team has already edited its webpage.

And the museum’s reps have assured us that the affected graphic in the physical traveling exhibition will be reprinted before its next venue in the spring.

3 responses to “Chicago museum agrees to correct Hurricane Katrina exhibit”

  1. joe spears says:

    congrats on your recent success.this is truly a well earned victory

  2. joe spears says:

    good luck with your future endeavors

  3. S. Rosenthal says:

    Thank you for the kind words, Mr. Spears.

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