H.J. Bosworth Jr speaks with Fox8’s John Snell on S&WB pump crisis

On Tuesday, Aug 8, civil engineer H.J. Bosworth Jr., and senior member of Levees.org, weighed in the flooding in Mid-city and surrounding New Orleans that occurred on Sat Aug 5, 2017.

One response to “H.J. Bosworth Jr speaks with Fox8’s John Snell on S&WB pump crisis”

  1. Pamela Ryan says:

    The drainage in Audubon Park on its downtown side running along Exposition Blvd.is at its worse now. The Audubon Institute does not pick up any leaves or clean any of its drains or culverts along the stretch of Exposition Blvd. from St. Charles Ave to Magazine street. This causes the flooding in this area to get worse. There is a large drain line running from the Park to Nashville Ave. along Pitt street, but the water cannot get there due to a stopped up drain. We have asked repeatedly for help. Once their crew arrived with a leaf picker upper truck…never to be seen again. The Park has lost a lot of its green space due to flooding and standing water. What was picnic areas are now mud pits that tend to fill with mosquitos. The Audubon Institute receives money from the city thru the millage BUT does not maintain the Park. I would certainly appreciate Mr. Bosworth looking at this problem.

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