Thank you Gov John Bel Edwards; Words Do Matter

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, Rep Patrick Connick and Sandy Rosenthal shown in 2017. Photo/Ralph Madison

Every anniversary of the worst civil engineering disaster in US history is worth full observance.

We are surprised that we missed this story about Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco published a year ago.

But we are glad the story by the Associated Press was brought to our attention.

In the story, which marked the passing of Governor Blanco, we are drawn to this statement by current Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards:

“She [Kathllen Blanco] led Louisiana through one of our darkest hours, when hurricanes and the failure of the federal levee system devastated much of our state,” Edwards said in a statement Sunday.

It is encouraging when our leaders take the time to get the story right about what nearly destroyed New Orleans in August 2005 during Hurricane Katrina.

Thank you Governor Edwards. Because words do matter.

For the full story, click here.

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