Literary Titan on book “Words Whispered in Water:” AWESOME JOB

The online Literary Titan has awarded Words Whispered in Water, by founder Sandy Rosenthal with a 5-star review.

The Literary Titan states on its website that it “is an organization of professional editors, writers, and professors that have a passion for the written word. We review fiction and non-fiction books in many different genres, as well as conduct author interviews, and recognize talented authors with our Literary Book Award.”

Rosenthal’s book published by Mango Media in August 2020 is about her quest to expose, against all odds, the true culprit in the New Orleans flooding event during Hurricane Katrina.

Here is an excerpt from the review published on January 10, 2021:

The book is “. . . about how she made the decision to investigate and reveal the bureaucratic system behind the fatal decisions that made the storm such a definitive event. It is also about how she tried to shed light where the media wouldn’t. It is not just about how she fought to help her family adjust after the storm. It is also about how she rallied support to help others and find ways to make sure the devastating effects would not reach the same level again.

Words Whispered in Water is a riveting account of a tragic natural disaster. I would recommend this read to anyone interested in being more informed about the political decision-making processes that can seem insignificant one day and become life-changing the next. A truly informative and enlightening book. . . “

For the full review, click here:


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FLOODLINES featuring founder is named 2020’s Best Podcast by NPR, New York Times, New Yorker and more

Floodlines is named best of 2020’s podcasts by NPR, New York Times, New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Guardian, Economist and more.

The free podcast is produced by The Atlantic Magazine and hosted by the talented Vann R. Newkirk II.

Floodlines revisits the story of the levee breaches through the experiences of four New Orleanians—Le-Ann Williams, Fred Johnson, Alice Craft-Kerney, and founder Sandy Rosenthal—who remained in the city through the aftermath, and who are still living with the consequences.

Here’s a description of the ambitious 4-hour podcast released by The Atlantic Magazine at its March 2020 release:

Some call it Hurricane Katrina. Some call it the Federal Flood. Others call it the day the levees broke. On August 29, 2005, the city of New Orleans was submerged. That story of hubris, incompetence, and nature’s wrath is now etched into the national consciousness. But the people who lived through the flood and its aftermath have a different story to tell. A story of rumors, betrayal, and one of the most misunderstood events in American history.

Founder Rosenthal is heavily featured in episode VI titled ‘Reckoning.’ Click here to listen:

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Commissioner of post-Katrina Levee Board praises book that criticized levee board reform

Published by Mango Media (August 2020)

Stephen Estopinal, eight-year veteran of the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority–East created after Hurricane Katrina, praises founder Sandy Rosenthal’s new book Words Whispered in Water: Why the Levees Broke in Hurricane Katrina (Mango, 2020). 

Estopinal’s book review will appear in the upcoming double issue (vol 40, numbers 1 & 2) of the Xavier Review. An early digital galley has been released ahead of the hard copy issue.

In her book, Rosenthal is highly critical of the levee board reform movement, labeling it as ineffective and a distraction from the true culprit, the Army Corps of Engineers. 

Estopinal––who was president of the Authority when his tenure ended––appears to agree.

In his review, he states,

“…Rosenthal attended board meetings of the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority – East during the construction of the new flood post-Katrina protection system. She observed firsthand how design comments provided by the experts on the board were routinely ignored.
“I––a past commissioner of the Authority East––can confirm that the many public comment and review meetings that the Corps hosted during the construction of the new system were simply for show. Major decisions were made and locked in stone before anyone outside of the Corps’ sphere of influence could contribute.”

Words Whispered in Water is reviewed by Publishers Weekly and has been a #1 New Release on Amazon for eight straight months.

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