Founder Rosenthal’s podcast ranking has risen again

Founder Sandy Rosenthal’s podcast––called Beat the Big Guys––has risen to a global rank in the top 1.5% according to Listen Notes.

Rosenthal is creator and host of the weekly show where along with her executive producer Landry Bohn, she coaches her national audience on how to ‘beat the big guys’ in their own communities and improve quality of life.

To provide tools and tips for her audience, Rosenthal interviews a weekly guest. She also pulls information from her own experience, namely when she exposed the Army Corps of Engineers’ campaign to silence her after the levees broke in New Orleans in August of 2005.



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Satisfactory end to’s campaign with others to halt the CPRA merger

In early February, got word that the newly sworn in Louisiana governor had disturbing plans for the state’s nationally renowned Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA). Governor Jeff Landry proposed moving the CPRA underneath the state’s Department of Natural Resources.

The plan also included reducing the number of advisory board members, all of whom provide expertise at no charge. These plans did not appear to be in best interest of Louisiana residents.

So crafted a petition and asked its Louisiana residents to write to Governor Landry’s office to abandon the plan. The campaign worked.

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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Anthony Bertucci calls in the status of the floodwall at London Avenue Canal’s upper breach near Robert E. Lee Boulevard. Bertucci is from New Orleans District’s Construction Division.

A few days ago, the east bank levee authority agreed to pay $9 million to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as a final payment of its share of the cost of building the New Orleans portion of the pre-Katrina hurricane levee system.

Founder Sandy Rosenthal was asked to comment on the payment in light of the fact that levee breaches and floodwall failures led to around 80% of the city being flooded, widespread displacement and hundreds of deaths.

Here’s Rosenthal’s comment:

“On August 29, 2005, the system failed in over 50 locations, flooded a major metropolis, displaced hundreds of thousands and killed nearly 1400 people,” she said. “The failures were due to the Corps’ design and construction errors. We don’t think the Corps should get so much as a dime from the Flood Protection Authority-East.”

The full story by Mark Schleifstein can be seen here.

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