Founder Rosenthal on 50 episodes of hosting her weekly Beat the Big Guys podcast

Sandy Rosenthal on Beat the Big Guys.

On August 8, 2022, founder Sandy Rosenthal interviewed her 50th guest on her weekly podcast, Beat the Big Guys.

Every week except on holidays, Rosenthal has coached her national base of listeners on how to take on the Big Guys in their own communities. Using an interview format, Rosenthal asks each of her guests to tell their stories. Then she identifies the tools, tricks and tips her guest used and then helps listeners take on their own Big Guys.

After interviewing 50 knowledgeable and heroic guests, Rosenthal discovered that all the Big Guys shared a common characteristic. In every story, the “big guys” were no different from the typical bully in the playground in the 3rd grade.

These are the general characteristics of a 3rd grade bully: 1) they are physically larger, 2) they have low self-esteem and 3) they are not smarter than the children they bully.

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Questions Still Not Answered About Faulty Pump at London Avenue Canal

These people are 24 feet below sea level at the London Ave pump station. Photo/Sandy Rosenthal

Six weeks ago, we learned at the board meeting of the Levee Authority East that there’s a problem with the new pump station at the London Avenue Canal.

The problem is one of the larger pumps; the bearing at the bottom was found to be overheating when operating. And there is no back up.

We immediately sent an email to the Chief of Public Affairs for the Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) New Orleans District, Ricky Boyett. We had three questions about the faulty pump. We did not receive a response.

So next we filed a formal request under the Freedom of Information Act and again, asked our three questions about the faulty pump. The corps responded exactly three weeks later; to wait longer would have been against the law. In the response the corps said we were asking questions as opposed to requesting documents. Therefore we needed to contact the Public Affairs office and just ask.

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Stark difference between Surfside condo collapse and New Orleans levee breach disaster

This image shows the aftermath of the Surfside condominium building collapse which occurred on June 24, 2021.

This week, Miami-Dade circuit judge Michael Hanzman gave final approval to a settlement for victims of the Champlain Towers South condominium collapse in Miami a year ago.

The families of 98 people who were killed will receive over a billion dollars in a settlement in addition to those who lost one of the 136 units in the beachfront building.

We see a glaring difference between the condo collapse in Surfside, Miami and levee breach event in New Orleans:

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