Corps of Engineers’ PR in high gear on Midwest Flooding

Updated June 29, 2014.

In many cases, the Midwest flooding was a failure of the US Army Corps of Engineers to properly predict and control flooding. That explains why PR masters from the Corps of Engineers are very busy this week doing apparently coordinated interviews with major news sources.

Journalist Georgianne Nienaber covers this topic with some wry humor in her piece today in OpEdNews.

All of the messengers from the Corps are saying the same thing, that the Mississippi River Basin levees were a loose amalgam of federal and non-federal levees not sufficiently monitored or maintained.

Ron Fournier, Eric Halpin and Gerry Galloway, all Corps or former Corps employees are deflecting responsibility away from civil engineers with the Corps of Engineers and toward local politicians and the residents who elected them.

This exact thing happened after Katrina’s storm surge toppled levees in New Orleans. Even though the responsibility for the flood protection’s performance belonged exclusively to the Corps, upper level Corps officials were blaming us, the locals, even as we were running for our lives.

Click here and demand the 8/29 Investigation, a truly independent analysis of why metro New Orleans – like the Midwest – was so vulnerable to catastrophic flooding.

Sandy Rosenthal

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