Southern California Public Radio uses Katrina shorthand

More people in California are at risk of levee failure than Florida, Texas and Louisiana combined.

We now know this because the catastrophic flooding in metro New Orleans exposed that problem, and the problem of badly built federal levees nationwide.

But many news sources continue to depict the New Orleans flooding is “due to natural disaster” rather than tell the truth.

Southern California Public Radio, normally a fine outfit for its programs has continued the cruelty of Katrina shorthand in an article about a school that recently reopened in New Orleans. The reporter describes the school as flooded “by Katrina” instead of telling the truth.

The truth is the flooding was due to failure of the outfall canals badly designed by the Corps of Engineers and which failed three feet below design specs.

Katrina shorthand is harmful because it leads people to believe the flooding was unavoidable and that citizens were irresponsible for living in their own homes.

And saying Katrina caused the flooding also does a huge disservice to others who may be in danger, too. After all, fifty five percent of the American people lives in counties protected by levees.

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