EXCLUSIVE: Levees.org interviews Dr. Bob Bea on the BP oil disaster

Professor Robert Bea, University of California Berkeley

Robert Bea recently leaked important information to the press regarding the BP oil disaster.

In an exclusive interview, we asked Dr. Bea about his motivation for contacting the press with this information.

DR. BEA: Likely starting next week, congressional hearings will begin. President Obama will likely appoint a Commission. Tomorrow at 3pm, I have a conference call with Henry Waxman, Chief of Staff. If someone doesn’t mobilize people to bring out the very best information, it will soon be covered up by corporate political wrangling. I don’t want that to happen again.

LEVEES.ORG: Are you referring to what happened after the US Army Corps of Engineers levees failed during Katrina on August 29, 2005?

DR. BEA: Yes. The 8/29 Investigation never happened. I don’t want to see another failure to get to the truth. I hope that others including the rig operators will stand up and be heard now. The key word is NOW. With these commissions unfolding. We need the best information now.

LEVEES.ORG: What do you mean by corporate political wrangling?

DR. BEA: We can expect the politicians to do what they do. They are not bad people, but they do what they do. So right now we need to bring forward good information, truth and facts. So that people can see the information and hopefully learn from it.

Dr. Bea is an adviser to Levees.org.

Click here for more on Dr. Bea’s revelations to the AP.

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