New cover design for “Words Whispered” unveiled today

Jacket cover

Recently, Mango Publishing reached out to us with a request.

Mango’s sales reps were “really into” founder Sandy Rosenthal’s upcoming book and wanted a jacket that would “really sing.”

So we tapped local artist and photographer Michael Styborski who created an eye-catching look. Styborski selected a photograph that he took in the Lower Ninth Ward after the Army Corps of Engineers’ levees broke.

In his words: “Perhaps a blue caste or overlay on a shot for a symbolic representation? And maybe use a negative that demands attention?”

We think the new cover graphic conveys the striking effect of dark menacing unbridled waters––under a blue sky.

What better way to say, it was the levees, not Mother Nature?

“Words Whispered in Water could only have been assembled years later after a great deal of research. America owes a debt to Sandy Rosenthal for correcting the record.”
––Steve O’Keefe, Author of “Set the Page on Fire: Secrets of Successful Writers,” and a resident of New Orleans during the flood

The book is due out August 11, 2020.

Preorder from a local bookstore near you,
Paperback from Barnes & Noble or
Paperback and audiobook from Amazon.

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