Golden Gate Breakfast Club thanks Sandy Rosenthal with a poem

Recently, founder Sandy Rosenthal was a featured guest author with the Golden Gate Breakfast Club (GGBC) of San Francisco.

In the virtual presentation, Rosenthal discussed her new book, Words Whispered in Water: Why the Levees Broke in Hurricane Katrina.

As a word of thanks, the president, Mr. Craig Stuart Adams of W Real Estate, wrote a poem for Rosenthal.

For more about the Golden Gate Breakfast Club, click here.


The President’s Poem ~ Stanza #40

What does one do when the levee goes?
Our Speaker Sandy Rosenthal knows
After they shut off the water flow
She looked for clues like Columbo

This was the case post-hurricane
Champion of the local terrain
In a world full of Puppeteers
Such as the Corps of Engineers

A battle most will never see
Hardships and adversity
With personal alacrity
She played her hand majestically

Finally, when the coast was clear
And the truth was fully here
We took a look past the veneer
Bad luck for Levee Engineers!

Thank you, Sandy!

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