Words Whispered in Water earns introduction from Tulane University’s Mark S Davis

Mark S. Davis, photo courtesy of Tulane University

The Director of Tulane University’s Institute on Water Resources Law & Policy has written a wonderful introduction to founder Sandy Rosenthal’s debut book Words Whispered in Water; Why the Levees Broke in Hurricane Katrina. 

The introduction, written by Mark S. Davis, is featured in Water Alternatives.

Here are some excerpts from the introduction:

“…Rosenthal points out, if we move on before actually learning and applying the lessons taught in tragedy’s classroom, then we do ourselves and those who come after us a grave disservice. …. Her path to becoming an influential citizen investigator is an important part of this story since how well and how safely we live is ultimately a matter of how much responsibility we take for making our communities work….”

Rosenthal’s book, the recipient of three awards is published by Mango in August 2020.

For the full review posted to Water Alternatives, click here.

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