Levees.org Rolls Out New Self-Guided Levee Breach Bike Tour

We’re rolling new maps for our Self-Guided Levee Breach Disaster Bike Tour.

There’s an interactive detailed Google Map!

Click on the icons, and see a detailed story about each site.

And there’s also a downloadable printable PDF map!

The self-guided tour allows anyone, at any time, an opportunity to view two major breach sites and the adjacent neighborhoods nearly destroyed by the worst civil engineering disaster in US history. The tour follows marked bike routes.

The two-mile tour starts at the corner of Mirabeau Blvd and Warrington Drive at a Louisiana State historic plaque and proceeds to the:

* Flooded House Museum (4918 Warrington Dr)
* Breach site of the London Avenue Canal and
* Levee Exhibit Hall & Garden (5000 Warrington Dr)

Next is several points of interest and a second breach site on the west side of the canal. The final stop is a view of a permanent pump station built by the Army Corps of Engineers.

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