Founder Rosenthal on 50 episodes of hosting her weekly Beat the Big Guys podcast

Sandy Rosenthal on Beat the Big Guys.

On August 8, 2022, founder Sandy Rosenthal interviewed her 50th guest on her weekly podcast, Beat the Big Guys.

Every week except on holidays, Rosenthal has coached her national base of listeners on how to take on the Big Guys in their own communities. Using an interview format, Rosenthal asks each of her guests to tell their stories. Then she identifies the tools, tricks and tips her guest used and then helps listeners take on their own Big Guys.

After interviewing 50 knowledgeable and heroic guests, Rosenthal discovered that all the Big Guys shared a common characteristic. In every story, the “big guys” were no different from the typical bully in the playground in the 4rd grade.

These are the general characteristics of a 3rd grade bully: 1) they are physically larger, 2) they have low self-esteem and 3) they are not smarter than the children they bully.

Let’s compare a 3rd grade bully to large company like Dupont, Monsanto or the Army Corps of Engineers; 1) They believe they are so big they are unstoppable, 2) They are petrified that something might hurt their reputation and goodwill, 3) They are not smarter than the people they are trying to exploit.

Rosenthal also discovered that the Big Guys all play out of the identical playbook. They stall, meaning they refuse to provide data or information. And they refuse to address the issue.

Rosenthal’s final advice to her listeners after interviewing fifty guests is to: 1) recognize that those “Big Guys” are really not that big. And 2) that one must not allow the Big Guys to stall when answering questions nor avoid addressing the issue at hand. It’s that simple!

Beat the Big Guys can be downloaded from all of the major podcast platforms. You can also listen here. And you can view the video versions here.

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