Engineering Schools Campaign


WE SEEK TO NORMALIZE TEACHING ABOUT ENGINEERING FAILURES IN OUR NATION’S 200+ SCHOOLS. is leading an initiative to assure that students receiving a B.S. in Engineering in the U.S. will receive instruction about engineering failures and the lessons they teach. This is needed because the engineering students of today will design the engineered structures of tomorrow.

The process to achieve the goal is for a coalition of Deans of Engineering Schools all across the nation to send a letter to the president of ABET requesting that ABET implement the necessary accreditation requirements to that end. The letter to ABET will suggest a modification of a current student outcome whereby students must demonstrate awareness of past engineering failures.

The letter will also include collected support in the form of: 1) a broad based national list of engineers and experts, 2) a list of organizations, societies, NGOs, nonprofits, agencies etc, and 3) evidence of broad based national public engagement.


The following organizations, societies, nonprofits, NGOs, agencies, etc., have added their name in support: