Levees.org announces the John Goodman Award recipient

Sandy Rosenthal and John Goodman. Photo/Stanford Rosenthal

When Levees.org was young and small – struggling for traction in a world often hostile to our message – one man stood with us.

Super star John Goodman put his name and reputation on the line to support Levees.org’s mission.


To thank him and everyone who stood with Levees.org in those dark early days, we rolled out the John Goodman Award in 2016. The first honoree was Mr. John Goodman who gave his time pro bono for the people in his home town that he loved.

And each year, Levees.org will give the John Goodman Award on June 20th (Mr. Goodman’s birthday) to honor someone who has significantly helped the cause.

The 2017 award goes to Ms. Elizabeth Reed.

Sandy Rosenthal and Elizabeth Reed. Photo/Ralph Madison

Ms. Reed was born in Syracuse, New York and moved to New Orleans in 1980 where she fell in love with the culture, food and music. She immediately began volunteer work including the SPCA, Historic New Orleans Collection, March of Dimes, Save Our Cemeteries, Girl Scouts, Operation Mainstream and many more. In 2006, she was honored for Outstanding Achievement Benefitting the Cabildo.

Ms. Reed has been a Tourism Professional since 1994. After the levees broke during Hurricane Katrina, she has informed all her tour participants about the vetted facts relating to the Greater New Orleans flooding. In addition, Ms. Reed is an invaluable member of the Levees.org letter-writing team having written over 100 letters to news editors when their reporters publish incorrect information.

Congratulations to Ms. Reed for receiving the 2017 John Goodman award for her volunteerism with Levees.org!

2 responses to “Levees.org announces the John Goodman Award recipient”

  1. Terry Carter Lloyd says:

    A well deserved recognition for a wonderful, hard working, highly respected individual. LIz Reed is one of a kind. If I didn’t know the facts, I would believe she was born and raised in NOLA! She is a wonderful asset to the community, her family and friends, those she serves and Leeves.org. Your organization selected a Superwoman to receive the John Goodman Award. I am proud to call Liz a dear, loving friend. Congratulations Liz, love ya!

  2. Sharon Doyle says:

    Congratulations to Liz for this much -deserved award!

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