Governor signs’s Flood Protection Bill into Law

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, Rep Patrick Connick and Sandy Rosenthal. Photo/Ralph Madison

A Flood Protection bill strongly championed by was just signed into law.

Capping the victory, founder Sandy Rosenthal was honored – along with the bill’s sponsor – with an invitation from Governor John Bel Edwards to the Capitol Press Room for a special signing.

This honor is offered only to proponents of significant legislation.

House Bill 266, authored by Rep Patrick Connick-R (Marrero), requires term limits for the small group of people that decides who will spend $60 million annually on flood protection work.*

The group is the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority nominating committee.

Click here for an excerpt** where Rep Connick explains to Legislators why the post Hurricane Katrina “levee board reform” needed to be reformed.

This victory is due mainly to the dedicated backing of supporters throughout Louisiana.

* Produced with data from page 17 of SLFPAE’s financial report and page 13 of SLFPAW’s financial report for fiscal year ending June 2016.

** For the complete testimony, click here.

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    Harold, I saw you on WVUE this morning. Long time, no see. Hope things are going well for you. — Stanley beck

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