Levees.org Sends Open Letter to New Orleans Mayor and City Council

At 12:39 p.m. Thursday August 31, Levees.org sent an open letter to the Mayor Mitch Landrieu of New Orleans and also to the New Orleans City Council.

The groups’ founder Sandy Rosenthal and lead researcher H.J. Bosworth Jr had four questions.

These were regarding the Request for Proposals issued on August 14 for a firm that will do a comprehensive analysis of the flood events of July 22, Aug 5 and Aug 8, and also the turbine failure at the S&WB’s Carrollton plant on Aug 9.

For example, Rosenthal and Bosworth note that under Mayor Landrieu’s Executive Order (MJL 10-05), one of the members of the 5-member selection committee is the Chief Administrative Officer. Of course, that individual is Jeff Hebert, who the mayor directed to attend S&WB meetings in his place. This, they feel, is an apparent conflict of interest.

The group had three other questions as well. The complete letter can be seen below.

LeveesOrg Open Letter to New Orleans Mayor and City Council by Sandy Rosenthal on Scribd

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