Levees.org invited by selection committee to monitor S&WB investigation

Scene from pump station 6 in New Orleans on 10-23-07. Photo/AP Alex Brandon

Ever since the flash-flooding on August 5 when a summer rain drenched homes and business in New Orleanians, it’s been tempting to jump to conclusions and instantly name a culprit.

But the fact is, competent investigations avoid that temptation and approach the challenge objectively. Which is why it’s critical that the investigation into what went wrong and why with the S&WB pumping stations and drainage be unbiased, objective and transparent.

That begins with making certain that the committee which selects the firm that will conduct the S&WB investigation has no stake in the results. The selection committee is composed of:

Councilmember-At-Large Jason Williams, who also chairs the Utility Committee;
Councilmember-At Large Stacy Head, who also chairs the Budget Committee; and,
District C Councilmember Nadine Ramsey, who also chairs the Public Works Committee.

In addition, the selection committee has invited a representative of Levees.org to attend its meetings to review the firms who’ve submitted proposals. We look forward to reporting on these review meetings.

2 responses to “Levees.org invited by selection committee to monitor S&WB investigation”

  1. Craig Schiro says:

    The talk about old systems is wrong headed. We need to spend every $ wisely and not spend it on items that will not add justifiable value. I thin the problems are mismanagement of resources and incompetent leardership.

  2. S. Rosenthal says:

    Thanks for your comment, Craig. We should know soon whether its mismanagement or incompetent leadership or something else entirely. This investigation should take months, not years.

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