Army Corps responds to’s demand for transparency

As revealed this month, the Army Corps of Engineers gave the East and West Levee Authorities a grade of “minimally acceptable” for their levee maintenance every year since Katrina.

The revelation got a lot of press; two stories in the Times-Picayune, two stories by WWL-TV and one in the Advocate.

It was who obtained the data in a FOIA request and brought it to the press.

The Army Corps, while legally required to make the data public, had placed it on a website that was difficult to navigate.

And we just learned that the Army Corps – in response to’s demands for transparency – had uploaded supporting documents from 2014 onto its website.

This appeared in a WWL-TV story by Sean Brennan featuring two days ago.

If not for, the citizens-at-large in New Orleans would still be unaware.

The next step is an explanation for the “minimally acceptable” and exactly what it means.

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