Levees.org mobilizes its membership to contact the New Orleans Times-Picayune

After twice requesting the news editors of the New Orleans Times-Picayune to stop protecting the Army Corps of Engineers, the leadership of Levees.org has mobilized its membership.

Today, Levees.org has invited its national membership to call upon the news editors of the Times-Picayune to cease omitting the reason that the 17th Street and London Avenue Canals failed in August of 2005.

When discussing the failure of the two canals, the Times-Picayune consistently refrains from stating that the devastating breaches were caused by engineering design mistakes on the part of the Army Corps of Engineers.

Omitting what caused the outfall canals to fail protects the Army Corps of Engineers. It dishonors those who survived the levee breaches and those who did not. And it’s dangerous for anyone living by federally built levees.

Please sign Levees.org’s petition: https://go.levees.org/TP

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