Levees.org meets Italian visitors through US Department of State

Sandy Rosenthal, 3rd from left, poses with visitors from Italy at City Park peristyle in New Orleans. The group is part of a special program with the U.S Department of State

Today, Sandy Rosenthal, founder of Levees.org met with a group of five visitors from Italy including two interpreters.

The visitors were in New Orleans as part of a special program with the US Department of State. They requested to meet with Rosenthal to discuss the group’s grassroots work in holding the Army Corps of Engineers accountable.

Ms. Rosenthal met the group at the outdoor Levee Exhibit Hall and Garden at 5000 Warrington Drive in Gentilly, the site of one of the most severe levee breaches during Katrina. Afterward, the group continued the conversation at Morning Call in City Park.

In addition to the group’s requests, she spoke on Levees.org’s work in exposing the Army Corps of Engineers levee building mistakes and its campaign after Katrina to cover them up.

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Founder Rosenthal featured for her role unmasking Corps of Engineers’ attack campaign

Right after starting Levees.org, founder Rosenthal was hammered with ugly comments from dozens of different online critics with a consistent message:

“Rosenthal is a liar. New Orleans was flooded due a monster storm and lazy local officials.”

In December 2008, Rosenthal discovered the comments were coming from computers at the Army Corps of Engineers’ New Orleans office.

Levees.org was one of the first victims of this technique where a squadron of foot soldiers employed by the military wage war against grassroots groups on social media.

How Rosenthal caught the Army Corps of Engineers red-handed in its heinous campaign starts in the video at 8:05.

The federal government spends millions trying to stop true grassroots groups like Levees.org. It is remarkable that Levees.org prevailed.

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New furniture at Levee Exhibit Hall

Two rocking chairs complement the mood at the Levee Exhibit Hall & Garden. Photo/Sandy Rosenthal

Despite the freeze, the Levee Exhibit Hall & Garden is still inviting and peaceful; a perfect opportunity to brush up on the worst civil engineering disaster in US history.

The museum-quality panels are set up like a museum. There’s no beginning or end. Just meander through finding and choosing what interests you.

After your educational experience, you can sit yourself down on one of the two rocking chairs recently donated by Ann and Joe LaGarde.

You can be sure to see all types of wildlife, including pelicans, whistling ducks, ibis, and of course, three kinds of egrets.

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