Tropical Storm Cindy has Exposed Weak Links in Evacuation Routes

Today, our very own H.J. Bosworth Jr was interviewed by Fox News Channel 8 (WVUE). In this news story, John Snell discusses weak links in the region’s evacuation routes that Mr. Bosworth had pointed out years ago, and were exposed by Tropical Storm Cindy.

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Sandy Rosenthal and John Goodman. Photo/Stanford Rosenthal

When was young and small – struggling for traction in a world often hostile to our message – one man stood with us.

Super star John Goodman put his name and reputation on the line to support’s mission.

To thank him and everyone who stood with in those dark early days, we rolled out the John Goodman Award in 2016. The first honoree was Mr. John Goodman who gave his time pro bono for the people in his home town that he loved.

And each year, will give the John Goodman Award on June 20th (Mr. Goodman’s birthday) to honor someone who has significantly helped the cause.

The 2017 award goes to Ms. Elizabeth Reed.

Sandy Rosenthal and Elizabeth Reed. Photo/Ralph Madison

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Jonathan Henderson and Sandy Rosenthal at the Louisiana State Capitol in Baton Rouge, 5-30-2017

This week, a bill championed by saw continued success in the legislature.

HB266 authored by Rep Patrick Connick-R (Marrero) will require term limits for the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority nominating committee.

The group has led a successful campaign showing how the levee board reform, in effect, took control of who gets to award flood protection contracts out of the Governor’s hands and gave it to a small group with apparent life terms.

The goal of HB266 is to “close the barn door before the horse gets out.” The bill will apply term limits to the small group that selects who will control more than $60 million of taxpayer dollars annually.

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