Ken McCarthy

Ken McCarthy – Special Advisor to

Ken first approached us volunteering his help in January 2007. That day marked a new chapter in our organization’s history.

In less than an hour, Ken laid out a strategy for using the Internet and video that we’ve followed ever since with great success.

Thanks to his ideas we’ve attracted celebrity spokespersons like John Goodman and Harry Shearer, gotten free television air time for our message, and generated over 225,000 views of our videos on the Internet.

Ken has not only offered advice, he’s also rolled up his sleeves and helped and has not stopped helping since that day.

He’s brought in experts to help us with every aspect of our media campaign, helped us shape our communication strategy and wrote and produced “The Katrina Myth” video which has proven to be one of our most effective educational tools.

New Orleans has never had a better friend or more loyal supporter.

Sandy Rosenthal
Founder and Executive Director of
September 1, 2009