$4.2 Billion denied!

Protest today!

Coinciding with President Bush’s visit this morning
Open to Everyone
Wednesday March 8
2:00p – 4:00p
Where: Levee Construction site in Lake Vista
Corner of Marconi and Thrasher (few blocks from Lake Pontchartrain)
Orleans Avenue Canal

What we say:
We are outraged that the House Appropriations Committee has stripped President Bush’s request for 4.2 Billion earmarked for Louisiana homeowners.  Since flood protection is a federal program, the federal government has a duty to build levees that work.  We say it’s time the federal government acknowledge their responsibility for the failure of the levee system that destroyed 140,000 homes in Greater New Orleans and also took 1103 lives.

It’s time that Congress accept their central role in the flooding and approve the funds to make the citizens whole.  This begins with setting aside the necessary funding to compensate homeowners.  We the citizens understand that the flooding of Greater New Orleans lies at the federal government’s feet.

Founder Sandy Rosenthal will be on site to answer reporters’ questions.

For more info:  www.levees.org
Demonstration Hotline: 504-269-2650
Contact: Sandy Rosenthal

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