NEWS: 2007 Wish List for N.O. and Bay Area

New Orleans 2007 Wish List    Sunday, December 31, 2006


On this last day of 2006, I’ve got a wish list for the coming year.  If New Orleans could achieve these 10 things in the next 12 months….well, a guy can dream, right?


1.       $1 billion in Road Home funds distributed to Louisiana citizens

2.       Major airline companies add flights into and out of the city

3.       Utilities turned on citywide.

4.       Broken traffic lights repaired.

5.       AFL-CIO $1 billion housing commitment honored by the union.

6.       Donald Trump breaks ground for promised downtown tower.

7.       Saenger Theater restored and reopened.

8.       New $74 million downtown LSU hospital complex approved.

9.       Cash flows into Louisiana from new Gulf oil and gas royalties.

10.   National media keeps a spotlight on New Orleans.

–Paul A. Greenberg

Written by rebuildingnola


CA Chapter members, if the Bay/Delta area could achieve 10 things in the next 12 months, what would you want on the list? If you’re out in CyperSpace reading this post, and you have a wish list for our area and, send me an email. I’ll post our Chapter list when we get some input from you.


Thank you for your interest in your community and New Orleans rebuilding efforts.

KC Costa, CA Chapter Director,

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