INTERVIEW: Aaron Viles of Gulf Restoration Network on BP Oilspill

Aaron Viles of Gulf Restoration Network

We interviewed Aaron Viles this morning on the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Top of the news has been the massive oil spill heading toward Louisiana’s ecologically rich wetlands as storms threaten to interfere with protection efforts.

Mr. Viles, Campaign Director for Gulf Restoration Network believes responsibility should not be placed with the federal government.

“Responsibility for this crisis belongs with British Petroleum,” said Mr. Viles. “The law is clear.”

He maintains that the resources and assistance of the federal government are needed to deal with this crisis. However, he believes that U.S. taxpayers should not be burdened with paying for it. BP should reimburse the US government.

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One response to “INTERVIEW: Aaron Viles of Gulf Restoration Network on BP Oilspill”

  1. Richard J Kostecki says:

    I happened to see you on TV this evening justifying the drilling morotorium in the Gulf. I have also seen on the news that this 6 month moratorium could cost the region 300,000 jobs and billions. It was also stated that 1 out of 5 people in Lousiana depend on this indusrty.

    I concur that the oil spill is a disaster, but I strongly disagree with this extended moratorium.

    The irony of your, and others, argument supporting the need to halt all drilling is that one company continues to drill in the Gulf at a depth of 5000 feet and is drilling 2 new wells.

    And that company is BP. So, why is it safe for them to drill and not safe for others to continue their operations.


    I would trust you and your listeners would reflect on the above facts, the safety of this industry for decades and that the livelihood of this region would not be kept at jeopardy by the political motives of this Administration to further its agenda with Cap & Trade.

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