Jason Berry and Bess Carrick, latest recipients of Levees.org’s Seal of Approval

Jason Berry

Jason Berry (American Zombie) and Bess Carrick (Blackbird Media) have collaborated and created an info-packed article about the Orleans Parish Clerk of Court Computer Crash.

We bring this to our supporters attention because of the introduction to the piece.

“…The consequences of the failure of the levees during Hurricane Katrina was a man-made disaster. Although the investigation is still ongoing, it’s probably safe to assume the Horizon oil rig explosion was also a man-made disaster. Both events were the result of faulty engineering, lack of oversight, and outright corruption…”

Mr. Berry and Ms. Carrick hereby are recipients of the Levees.org Seal of Approval. This award is for properly describing the events that caused the flooding of metropolitan New Orleans.

Saying ‘Katrina flooded New Orleans’ is very confusing and dangerous to the American public. The tendency by media and politicians to say the New Orleans flooding was a natural disaster strips the human agency out of what’s really happening and protects those who made mistakes. In the case of the levee failures, this is quite useful for the Army Corps of Engineers, the entity responsible for the flood protection failures. And it’s very dangerous because 55% of the American people lives in counties protected by levees.

Saying ‘Katrina flooded New Orleans’ is also wrong, and like saying traffic broke the Interstate-35 bridge in Minneapolis. Both Katrina and the traffic revealed structural flaws. Both exposed blatant civil engineering mistakes. And in New Orleans those mistakes were made primarily by our Army Corps.

Click here for the Berry/Carrick piece.

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