Times Picayune’s Jeff Duncan has earned our Seal of Approval

Failed I-wall at site of Industrial Canal's east side north breach

Jeff Duncan, sportswriter for the Times Picayune has earned himself a Seal of Approval from Levees.org for an important assertion in his article today.

In a piece about America’s reaction to New Orleans’ angst over Sean Payton’s moving his family to Dallas, Mr. Duncan wrote:

“..Katrina, as we all know, was anything but a natural disaster.”

Levees.org gives out Seals of Approval each time we see a reporter properly reporting on the facts surrounding the worst civil engineering disaster in history of the United States. It’s our way of using honey instead of vinegar each time a reporter resists the urge to use fast, easy “Katrina shorthand.’

Saying Katrina storm flooded New Orleans would be like saying traffic broke the I-35 bridge in Minneapolis. Both the storm and the traffic exposed structural flaws. Both revealed blatant engineering mistakes.

Jeff Duncan is the 19th reporter at the Times Picayune who has been bestowed with the Levees.org Seal of Approval.

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