Levees.org releases previously unseen disturbing footage

While the New Orleans region was still drying out after the federal levees failed in 2005, the Corps of Engineers awarded an elite engineering group a large grant to conduct what was basically a PR show to repair the Corps’ damaged reputation.

The grant steered money to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) to present dozens of powerpoints nationwide and abroad apparently designed to mislead the American public on what caused the flooding during Katrina.

(Levees.org discovered the details about the multi million grant in a request under FOIA.)

The information presented here is not new, but most of the footage is new.

Not wishing to present anything ‘out of context’ we have also uploaded a 15-minute segment – the longest that YouTube allows – of the full 80-minute presentation and you can see even more of the travesty for yourself.

Click here for 15-minute segment of ASCE’s narrated powerpoints as presented at Auburn University College of Engineering.

Click here to see the grant with clear instructions outlining that the ASCE shall give informational presentations which are paid for by you the taxpayer.  Scroll to page 3.  See Phase IV.

Click here for list of ASCE presentation dates and venues.


2 responses to “Levees.org releases previously unseen disturbing footage”

  1. linda watrous says:

    please advise the best method to address the frequent incorrect media references to Hurricane Katrina flooding & devastating N.O.
    It makes me crazy to hear this over & over by someone who wrote a book or an article or news piece. comments such as “this won’t be another Hurricane Katrina”, like Katrina was a combination of freak cat 10 hurricane/40 ft tsunami. the ignorance is astounding.

  2. S. Rosenthal says:

    Levees.org has a letter-writing team, endorsed by Harry Shearer, that deals with this issue of myths in the media. Anyone interested in joining this team is invited to contact us and let us know. We will send you the details.

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