It’s Official: is Tedious but Worth the Effort

Francis James records history in the Lower Ninth Ward Oct 10, 2005.

In mere hours, supporters met the challenge and reached the 150-signature threshold allowing our petition to be searchable on

Now comes the real challenge. For’s request to be officially reviewed by the Obama Administration, and to receive a response from the President, we need 5,000 signatures.

It’s a challenge because is not the most user-friendly site on the web.

To sign the petition, it seems you must register, verify, change password, sign out, sign in, and THEN click sign.

We quite agree it’s a tad tedious. But we also feel it’s a small thing if it gets the attention of the President!

Please click here to sign the petition asking the President to stop calling the New Orleans flood a ‘natural disaster.’!/petition/call-new-orleans-flooding-man-made-disaster-created-failure-federal-governments-levees/NFzNZlj1?

Editilla of the New Orleans Ladder, has this disclaimer which in his usual purple prose actually puts it well.

In their usual style of making communicating with POTUS easier, the White House has added a few hoops, some snakes and ladders, one deep rabbit hole and a Kafka Mountain to jump over for your trip through Open Government.

One response to “It’s Official: is Tedious but Worth the Effort”

  1. Fred Butler says:

    I am an avid supporter of but this time I must take issue with this request. The President can only do what Congress and the Senate allows him to do. This petition should be aimed at our Conservative and Tea Party Congressmen who could care less about our levees or anything but their own agendas. Heck, they don’t even want to fund FEMA. Sure, FEMA’s not perfect but it’s all we have for now. That is where all these petitions should be going.

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