Founder Sandy Rosenthal to launch podcast

On June 21, 2021, founder Sandy Rosenthal will launch the BEAT THE BIG GUYS podcast. Podcast description: Do you see a problem in your community or town, but feel there’s nothing you can do? Find out just how much power you have – right now – from Sandy Rosenthal who started out with no […]

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The Sinking Louisiana Coast Was Predicted 124 Years Ago

On this, the eve of Hurricane Season, it’s interesting to note that the sinking of the Louisiana coastal delta was predicted 124 years ago. The Army Corps of Engineers has often stated in its modern reports on coastal Louisiana that it did not discover coastal land loss until the 1970’s. This claim is hard to […]

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The Advocate recently featured’s lead researcher H.J. Bosworth and founder Sandy Rosenthal’s letter. In the letter, Bosworth and Rosenthal object to a bill proposed by Jerome “Zee” Zeringue R-Houma. The bill require the parishes of Orleans, Jefferson and St. Bernard to shoulder the lion’s share of the cost of the post-Katrina improvements to the […]

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