Levees.org now listed on leading directory for education institutions

Ribbon cutting ceremony for Flooded House Museum

Levees.Org is now listed on SchoolAndCollegeListings, a leading online directory for educational institutions.

This is a splendid piece of news for everyone who has supported the mission of Levees.org since 2005.

The Levee Exhibit Hall and the Flooded House Museum are added to  SchoolAndCollegeListings – an online directory for schools, colleges, educational professionals, and other institutions in the education sector.

SchoolAndCollegeListings bills itself as a “comprehensive platform designed to connect students, parents, and individuals seeking educational opportunities with reputable institutions.”

The site is a great platform for individuals to discover and engage with Levees.org’s two physical properties located 4918 and 5000 Warrington Drive at the site of one of the most devastating levee breaches in 2005.

Visit Levees.org’s listing here.

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The Engineering Failures Education campaign is heating up

A fault in the altered design of skywalk bridges inside the Kansas City Hyatt Regency hotel and brought them crashing down on a crowd below on 7-17- 1981. Photo/Melissa Mairs, KSHB.

At the 18th anniversary of the levee failures during Hurricane Katrina, Levees.org kicked off the Engineering Failures Education (EFE) campaign.

The EFE campaign aims to require all students working toward their Bachelor’s degree in engineering to receive instruction on engineering failures and the lessons they teach.

The EFE campaign is going extremely well.

The list of engineers, experts and organizations in support grows daily, and the public manifesto (online petition) has garnered nearly 500 signatures.

In addition, the Associated Press (AP) has written an in-depth story about the EFE campaign which aired coast to coast including in the Washington Post.

Energy is high. If you haven’t yet, please add your name in support.

More information about the EFE campaign and the AP story



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Levee Breach Event is #1 on List of USACE-caused disasters

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Anthony Bertucci calls in the status of the floodwall at London Avenue Canal’s upper breach near Robert E. Lee Boulevard. Bertucci is from New Orleans District’s Construction Division.

Oregon Public Broadcasting (opb.org) has just issued an important list––9 times the US Army Corps of Engineers miscalculated badly at the expense of taxpayers, wildlife.

Number one on the list is the failure of the levee system in New Orleans.

We find that highly appropriate in light of the horrific loss of life, nearly 1400 people.

We also note that the salt water intrusion crisis in New Orleans was on the list. Levees.org had recently called out the Army Corps for basically standing by and allowing this happen, knowing that the possibility was likely.

Bravo to both the OPB.org and also to ProPublica for producing the article in partnership.

9 times the US Army Corps of Engineers miscalculated badly at the expense of taxpayers, wildlife

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