Why Jon Donley came forward

How we nailed the Corps of Engineers.  Using "backend" tools available to any nola.com blogger, I could clearly see the IP for username "overwrought"

How we nailed the Corps of Engineers. Using "backend" tools available to any nola.com blogger, I could clearly see the IP for username "overwrought"

On his website Friday, Jon Donley explained why he came forward and spoke out on what he saw while employed as Managing Editor at Nola.com.

For over 2 years, he observed a cadre of about 20 user names posting abusive comments on Nola.com’s community features about any articles or people who criticized the Army Corps of Engineers.  Donley traced the comments via IP address to the Corps’ internet network and describe how he saw nearly 700 comments in just a 6-week period early this year.

The highly credible letter is lengthy and chock full of detail, but the final sentence says it all:

“The idea that those same community features would be used to attack people calling for accountability,  to silence critics and deflect independent review of the Katrina disaster – potentially putting those same New Orleans residents at risk again – is obscene.”  –Jon Donley

Click here for the full text.

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  1. One has to be seriously blind to think that NOLA.COM was anything legit for New Orleans. NOLA.COM is the most corrupt propaganda machine that I have ever seen in the state of Louisiana. La. state already has a biased and horrible media but NOLA.COM just took the King Cake and the baby! The articles were planted, the writers are hired based on their ignorance (real or selective) of what is really news worthy in the area of New Orleans, the user names that didn’t promote a hateful, corporate and corrupt agenda were deleted or banned and the site offered nothing of facts since it was created. It is state owned and not a free press. NOLA.COM was the main reason that so many citizen reporters and blogger sprang up in New Orleans after Katrina.
    Even as of today, if a citizen post about any form of corruption, happening in a Parish involving these “good ole boys” NOLA.COM blocks the user for life but yet one can go onto NOLA.COM and hold a Ku Klux Klan rally with relative ease!

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