Pentagon only partly investigated Senator Landrieu’s concerns

Senator Mary Landrieu and Chief of Staff Mary Campbell in Holland May 27, 2009.  Photo by mil escort Shawn Baldy

Senator Mary Landrieu and Chief of Staff Mary Campbell in Holland May 27, 2009. Photo by mil escort Shawn Baldy

In a stunning show of apparent bureaucratic ineptitude, or perhaps tacit collusion, the Inspector General of the Department of Defense (DOD) ignored US Senator Mary Landrieu’s call for a federal investigation into alleged wrongdoing by the US Army Corps of Engineers and instead focused only on, one of the whistleblowers.

The Pentagon concluded that no action is necessary after Senator Landrieu called for an investigation into credible claims the Army Corps waged a strategic deception campaign to protect its image after its levees failed during Hurricane Katrina.

Senator Landrieu requested the investigation after Jon Donley, the founder and former editor in chief of, the online version of the New Orleans Times Picayune issued a 3-page sworn affidavit detailing how the Army Corps had waged a disinformation campaign after Katrina to obscure the facts of the flooding and rewrite history.

The Pentagon apparently limited the scope of the investigation strictly to two individuals who left ugly comments on’s blog and therefore did not address the complaints raised by Donley.

The Pentagon has unfortunately demonstrated what happens when an investigation of wrong doing is a self-study. The letter details only what was done relating to two individuals which represents a tiny fraction of the total activity. The only thing noteworthy about comments left on’s blog is that was how discovered the activity and opened Pandora’s box.

Bottom line: The Pentagon’s response is merely cosmetic and proves was correct in feeling the DOD was not the best choice for an investigation. We anticipate that Senator Landrieu will agree and will call on the Justice Department for a full and proper investigation.

Link to DOD Asst IG John Crane’s letter to Senator Landrieu.

Link to Senator Landrieu’s letter to the DOD

Link to Jon Donley’s sworn affidavit

3 responses to “Pentagon only partly investigated Senator Landrieu’s concerns”

  1. T.W. Hudgens says:

    Why is Ms. Rosenthal on national TV, going off on President Obama? He was not in office and had nothing to do with the debauchery of the flooding relief efforts in New Orleans.That is a bit arrogant for here to go after the current president with such ferocity! Why didn’t she go after George W. Bush, whom was in office and responsible for the failures of FEMA?

  2. S. Rosenthal says:

    I was invited to appear on MSNBC to talk about what I would say to President Obama if I am granted an audience while he is New Orleans for a one-day visit on October 15, 2009.

    Chris Matthews did not ask me about the flood relief efforts or the failures of FEMA. Chris asked me about the loss of the wetlands which made New Orleans vulnerable to stormsurge.

  3. Charles says:

    Mr Hudgens seems to have a problem hearing or listening. IMHO, Ms. Rosenthal was pushed by Chris Mathews to address his questions, not her issues. In any case, she did not “go after” the president even though the buck now stops on his desk…. George Bush is no longer in charge.

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